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The Jonquil Motel (Bisbee, Arizona)

We look forward to seeing you in Bisbee! Whether you need maps for for your next motorcycle adventure, suggestions on where to get the best cocktail in Old Bisbee, help in planning your next event, or someone to fire up the sauna for you… we’ve got your back! We’ve traveled the world and are thrilled to host other world travelers at our little vintage motel in Southern Arizona.

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Cassie Maier – Full Gear female

Motorcycling can help build your confidence, make you feel sexy, and increase your sense of freedom and independence. Full Gear Female is here to help you experience all those great feelings.

FGF’s goal is to help each rider to ultimately become a motorcycle operator. We want you to be a master at controlling your two-wheeled machine to increase safety levels, and overall enjoyment on each ride.

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Rubber Side Down 

Rubber Side Down Motorsport Clothing Inc. is a Canadian owned company located in Richmond BC, Canada. They have been in business for fifteen years and continue to grow each year.  Along with their full line of regular sized riding clothing,  RSD is the ONLY company in Canada where Custom, Made To Measure clothing in any design, size, color, shape, features etc. is also available.  When you purchase a custom piece from them, you literally build your own riding gear from the ground up.   Leather & textile riding gear with full CE rated protection is available in their store, as well as accessories such as saddle bags, gloves and boots etc. Visit  in person or contact at any time using the phone number or email address on the website if you have any questions.

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Accent Inns

So long stuffy-and-staid hotels! We’re the pint-sized British Columbia hotel chain with a big personality. Here, elevators get transformed into hot-air balloon rides, “Do Not Disturb” magnets make you LOL, and rubber-duck shuttle vans are the new mode of transportation. Rubber ducks reside in every room for guests to take in the bath or take home with them at the end of their stay. The emphasis is always on care, comfort and fun for both guests and our Accent family members.

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4 Reasons to Choose TuGo

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Content provided by TuGo

For 50+ years, TuGo has been dedicated to helping millions of travellers like you have better experiences. Here are 4 reasons to choose TuGo.

1. Comprehensive emergency medical protection If you go to a hospital or clinic while away, you want comprehensive coverage. Your provincial health plan isn’t enough! If you need medical assistance while on your trip, call Claims at TuGo, who will coordinate with medical staff to get you the best treatment possible.

2. Simple eligibility requirements It’s quick and easy to qualify, with no medical questions if you’re 59 or younger. If you’re 60+, TuGo’s Medical Health Questionnaire is straight-forward, with only 5 questions!

3. Competitive pre-existing condition coverage Unstable pre-existing conditions are a major reason claims aren’t paid out. Age, trip length and the stability of your condition before leaving on the trip are all factors which impact coverage. TuGo has the right coverage for your needs.

4. Claims at TuGo Claims at TuGo deals with the details, so you don’t have to. You’ll have access to a renowned Claims team, with 24/7 emergency assistance. They’ll help coordinate treatment and arrange further assistance, anywhere in the world.

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Hotel Zed

We hear it all the time – Hotel Zed is groovy,” and we get it. Walking into our lobby is like doing the time warp. The hotel takes you back to when disco was king and everybody was on roller skates. The 70’s were so cool they invented over a hundred ways to say cool – far out, funky, nifty, radical, groovy. With three locations in Canada (Victoria, Kelowna, and Tofino), Hotel Zed is a boutique hotel that offers a fun and memorable experience. Featuring retro-themed rooms, modern amenities, and a variety of activities to enjoy, Hotel Zed is the perfect place to stay for anyone looking for a truly extraordinary experience.

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The Madrones 

Nestled between sun-drenched vineyards and redwood forest, The Madrones is a Mediterranean compound in Philo, California, boasting three tasting rooms, elegant guest accommodations, and a world class restaurant serving wood fired cuisine, all in the heart of Anderson Valley wine country.

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