Our Story


For us, riding motorcycles is about freedom, movement and positivity.  It’s about soaking in the landscapes and sharing life’s adventure with others.

Like many of our friends we are aware of the issues of climate change and wanted to take individual action to mitigate our CO2 emissions.

Realising there was no specific platform through which to do this, the idea of Motorcycle Offsetters came forward.

We built this platform that makes it easy to offset motorcycle CO2 emissions and go carbon negative. Going “carbon negative” means that you, the rider, purchase carbon offsets over and above what is needed to neutralise the CO2 footprint arising from your motorcycle riding. It’s about putting a little more back in than you take out.  The incremental cost to you to do so is minimal, but the cumulative effect of many riders doing so could be significant.

We love the sense that whilst enjoying the ride we’re also helping the fight against climate change, and we look forward to being part of a growing community who feel the same.

We have partnered with Carbonzero, who provides our carbon offsets.  You can find out more about them using the link below.

Safe travels, see you on the road!

Bikers enjoying the road in Turkey