Carbon Negative Riding


Do you, like us, love motorcycling and, equally, want to help tackle climate change?

How would it feel to know that your passion for riding is directly funding projects that draw down CO2 levels in the air and improve the environment?

Motorcycle Offsetters are leading the way by taking action to turn riding into a force that helps give the planet a fighting chance. 

We introduce Carbon Negative Riding.  By purchasing carbon offsets over and above what is needed to neutralize your CO2 emissions, your investment pulls more CO2 out of the atmosphere than you emit. In short, you leave things better than you found them.

One of Motorcycle Offsetters’ portfolio projects is the Afognak Forest Carbon Project.  It is the result of more than a decade of dedicated efforts to permanently preserve a truly special ecosystem. The old-growth trees sequester millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide, making this pristine ecosystem increasingly beneficial for the environment.

How This Works

When you purchase carbon offsets, your money is spent on projects that, in various ways,  improve the natural environment and reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Carbonzero is our partner and offset provider.  They are an award-winning, leading provider of high-caliber Canadian and international carbon offsets.  Find out more about how your investment funds our project portfolio …

Your Questions Answered

Q: What is a carbon offset?
A: A carbon offset is a way to compensate for emissions by funding an equivalent CO2 reduction or saving elsewhere

Q: What does carbon negative mean
A: Going “carbon negative” means that the rider purchases carbon offsets over and above what is needed to neutralise the CO2 footprint arising from his/her motorcycle riding. The incremental cost to the rider to do so is minimal, but the cumulative effect of millions of riders doing so can be astounding.

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Offsetting 110% or more of your CO2 emissions = Carbon Negative Riding

Whatever percentage you choose, you will be removing more CO2 from the atmosphere than your riding emits.

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Join our global motorbiking community bringing down CO2 levels.

We are building a Motorcycle Offsetters interactive world map showing the community growing in real time. You’ll be able to connect with other bikers, see their location, bikes and rides they love.

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Partners and Deals

On our partners and deals page you will find coupons and discounts from our affiliate partners along with exclusive discounts for those who have offset their riding emissions.

We are establishing partnerships with companies who like what Motorcycle Offsetters are doing and want to be part of this initiative. You will see our logo featured next to these companies and they will offer you a special discounts when you present proof of your offset purchase.